Finch – A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing (ebook)

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Everything you need to know about the Mobile revolution and how to run successful campaigns on the mobile web. Offer types analysed, best practices revealed.

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 A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing (ebook)

Finch – A Complete Guide to Affiliate Marketing (ebook)

First question: How is it different to the Premium Post series?❓

This is a cohesive start-to-Finish, step by step guide to affiliate marketing.
It is 419 pages long and addresses the complex question of “How would I teach somebody?” to Make money in our industry.

It was an incredible response to Premium Posts Volume 2015 was criticized for its lack of structure.

They wanted more actionable advice and less nuggets.

I’ve had numerous requests for coaching, mentoring and private consulting along these lines, all of which I have refused.

I’m not interested in coaching.

The guide can be roughly divided in two.

The first half is for beginners and ranks them up. to speed.

The second half ventures into to Advanced marketing strategies that can prove profitable and useful for affiliates.

As examples, I have included some of the campaigns that I have created.

You will see the logic behind the creation, the launch process, optimisation, reaching profit, as well as how I approach scaling.


What’s in the guide?

74,314 Words, 419 Pages, and lots of swearing.

♦The Reality of Life Affiliate Marketing Trenches

A sweeping look at the affiliate industry; the different business models; the personality disorders affecting us all… and everything you’ll need to succeed.

♦Intelligence: What you know, who you know, and why it matters

A Map of dynamic relationships that can impact your success or failure as an affiliate How to You can build an intelligence network to dramatically increase your chances of launching profitable campaign.

♦A Complete Guide to Vertical Selection and Offer

Each major vertical of affiliate marketing was analysed and rated for difficulty and potential reward. Insider tips to promote each vertical.

♦Going mobile: The biggest money-making opportunities revealed

Everything you need to Find out more about the Mobile revolution. to Mobile web campaigns can be used to create and execute successful campaigns. Analyse of offer types, and best practices.

♦The Essential Types Of Traffic to Make them Work

A comprehensive assessment of the major traffic types and their traffic sources, including a rating of each type for scaleability, difficulty, barrier to entry, and other factors. Each type of traffic is rated and given recommendations.

♦The Creative Mindset: What Does It Take to Be Creative? to Turn Hits into to Conversions

A Massive and unrelenting assault on the moneymaking potential behind creative funnels, banners, landing pages, and banners that are successful

♦How to Create a winning campaign optimization philosophy

How to go from losing money (or breaking even)… to Making money and laughing like madmen. A Practical look at how I optimize and prioritize my campaigns.

♦A Template for Launching Successful Campaigns

This checklist is behind every campaign that I launch. (In my opinion, the most useful content I’ve ever released.) I’m including it, in its entirety, from start to finish. Follow each step to increase your chances of making money.

♦3 Campaign Launch Examples

100 pages of follow along examples where you can sit back and watch what happens as I launch three campaigns on three different traffic sources — examples include campaigns for display traffic, popunders and native ads.

♦The Principles of ‘Super Affiliates’

How do you take the next step and become a super F****** duper affiliate? I’ll show you the key principles and what you can do to Jump.

♦Thinking Big and Beyond: Moving Up Affiliate Marketing

This is long-term planning that many of us neglect. How can affiliate marketing help you? to What are the best ways to build a successful career in the next 30 years?

♦Finch’s Extensive List of Affiliate Marketing Resources

It was already a huge list. It’s now updated with even more tools and resources for 2016. A It is a serious burden on your hard disk.


Do You Need Additional Services?

That’s good, I prepared some for you.
You will also get:

  • Each traffic type is described in cheat sheets.
  • Each vertical is described in detail on the cheat sheets.
  • A editable copy of my Campaign Launch Checklist is available for you to You can use, improve, and abuse as much as you wish.
  • A special 170-page ‘Best of Premium Posts‘ compilation, including previously unreleased material.

What’s in the Premium Post Compilation?

Here are the contents

★Revealed: How to Blow It Up and the Pay-Per-Call Gold Rush

★My Tips For Cost Efficient Testing

★How to Win a Traffic Bidding War

★1 PPV Dating angle that magnetizes eyeballs

★CraigsList Marketing: A Autopilot: Shameful $XXX/Day

★Jesse Willms, the $467 Million Dollar Landing Page

★A Guide to Local Slang (and Super-High CTRs)

★Rules Psychology: How to Make it pay in every niche

★The Path of Agents of Persuasion: to Conversion rates skyrocketing

★Profitable Angle Creation Made Simple by The 7 Deadly Sins

★How laziness destroys campaigns and what you can do about it

★How to Create a Performance Marketing Agency

This is a total of over 100,000 words, 590 pages of highly flammable advice on affiliate marketing packaged in to The most comprehensive guide on the globe.

You are most welcome to You can use the internet to find a better introduction to affiliate marketing.
I’ll bet my left bollock you won’t find one.
Enjoy the read


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