Esther Perel’s Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action

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Now in this comprehensive Master Class, you have the chance to experience Esther Perel in action.

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Esther Perel’s Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action

Esther Perel’s Transformative Approach to Couples Therapy in Action

Couples Therapists today must be more than just guides for their clients to Improved emotional and sexual connection in They must adapt to deep-rooted issues such as infidelity and trauma, shame, or addictions. to Rapidly changing cultural norms can make people uncomfortable.

Psychotherapist New York Times bestselling author,Esther Perel thrives on such challenges. Her clinical creativity, and ability to Establish a safe, energizing therapeutic space where partners can talk. Anything This has been an Inspiration to Therapists all over the world. As such, she’s become not only something of a couples therapy rock star, but also a crossover phenom featured in publications like The New York Times Vogue, The Economist  The Atlantic—and she’s been praised as “a master at what she does” By The New Yorker. Her podcast “Where Should We Begin?” was downloaded over a million times and reached the top spot on the iTunes charts. Her bestselling books, Mating in Captivity The State of the AffairsHer unique approach to the field is transforming it.

Now in You have the opportunity to take this comprehensive Master Class to Experience Esther Perel in Action. You’ll get: Inside understanding of her transformative approach as she shares— therapist to therapist —the process underlying her clinical choices as she works with three couples dealing with infidelity, seeming sexual incompatibility, and the impact of childhood trauma. Sit in On an inIn-depth discussion about each session with thought-provoking questions Networker Rich Simon, Editor, that will get it. to So you can understand the core of her techniques, and how to apply them. to These principles can be incorporated into your approach.

The best part is that you’ll leave this online course with concrete and practical tools you can use with your clients immediately to Help them find hope, joy! in Their relationships.

This is your chance to Bring new creativity to your life to Your couples can work together, which will help you be more effective in dealing with even the most difficult cases.


What’s Included:
Learn powerful new ways to help couples reconnect!
Get instant access to Esther Perel’s inShe will conduct an in-depth clinical analysis. Networker Rich Simon, Editor, takes a deep dive into real-life couple sessions recorded for her podcast. You’ll find tools and insight that will make this Master Class essential. to Your couples therapy results can be transformed

This engaging course will teach you:✫ The secrets to Pacing is the secret to the seemingly effortless flow Esther Perel’s Sessions

✫ These are powerful practices to create a safe space for partners to talk about anything

✫ A masterful intervention that reveals a couple’s relational triggers, hidden dynamics and power imbalances so you can work with them directly and immediately in Session

✫ A simple technique to unlock the intimate meaning behind a partner’s statements

✫ How to Combine interpersonal and intrapersonal work in a couples session to Both partners can accelerate long-term healing

✫ Strategies to coach partner in Reinforcing new behavior so they can help one another strengthen their connection after the session ends

✫ Esther These four modules will guide your journey. to Fully prepare you to Include her approach in Your practice.

1️⃣ Introduction to Esther Perel’s Couples Therapy Approach

In the Introductory Sessions of this Master Class, Esther This is her latest insight on the changing narratives that couples are experiencing today. She examines the cultural forces which have changed the marriage. in This article explains how therapists could address the new consumer mindset that couples bring to therapy. It focuses on individual happiness and self-fulfillment over any relationship concerns.
2️⃣ Speak to Me in French
Meet a married couple who believe they are sexually incompatible after being married for 16 years. Find out how Esther’s unique approach helps them leave the session understanding their individual histories, including past abuse and trauma. Find creative strategies to Help couples call one another back to A new place of sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy
3️⃣ The Perfect Marriage
The couple in They have been happily married 40 years. He’s been an attentive father and a loving husband. They’ve had a vibrant sex life, good marriage, and a fulfilling family life—until the wife discovered her husband had been compulsively unfaithful with one-night stands and pay-for-play sex throughout their entire marriage. She chose to Continue in She leaves her marriage, but is hurt, angered, confused, and shamed, by her family and friends, for remaining. See how Esther The couple can quickly identify the real issues and regain their trust by identifying them. Learn strategies that will improve your own ability to Help your clients to heal from infidelity
4️⃣ Trauma and the Roots of Infidelity
Looking for a job? EstherThis guide will show you how to do it. to The couple should create a safe place for physical intimacy. in These are gay men who were together for 14 years but just got married. One of the partners has a history in substance abuse and PTSD. He’s also had multiple affairs. Learn how Esther This helps the couple to Learn more about the trauma and its triggers. Discover how she creatively guides the couple toward a deeper, more open relationship.

✨About Karen Harms✨

Esther Perel MA, LMFT, is recognized as one of today’s most insightful and original voices on modern relationships. Fluent in The Belgian native speaks nine languages and is a well-respected speaker. New York Times Bestseller author and consultant in organizational management to Fortune 500 companies Perel runs a psychotherapy practice in New York City is the home of the online training. Rekindling your DesireThe site hosts a variety of training communities for coaches, therapists, and educators called Sessions.

Perel is a trained and supervised student of Dr. Salvador Minuchin and serves on the faculty at The International Trauma Studies Program as well as The Ackerman Institute for the Family. Perel is a licensed marriage and family therapist as well as a certified AASECT sexual therapist supervisor. She is a member the American Family Therapy Academy and Society for Sex Therapy Research. Her keen cross-cultural sense is what makes her so special. Esther Our approach is changing to Modern relationships. She is often sought out for her expertise around the globe. in Relational health, communication, team building and erotic Intelligence, couples and families identity, work-life balance and corporate relationships.

The New York TimeShe is regarded as the most significant changemaker in sexuality and relationships since Dr. Ruth. Quartz dubbed her “America’s first clear-eyed public intellectual on love.” Her TED talks (The secret) are well-known. to desire in a Long-term Relationship, February 2013 and Rethinking Infidelity…a Talk for Anyone Who has ever Loved, May 2015) have garnered nearly 20 million views and her international bestseller Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence It became a worldwide phenomenon and was translated into 25 languages. Her newest book, The, is her latest. New York Times bestseller The State of Affairs: Rethinking infidelity (HarperCollins). Esther He is also an executive producer, and host of the popular podcast. Where should we start??


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