Ernie – Magnetron Complete

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You can load templates by clicking on the template you want to replace. This will bring up a file selection  window where you can select a new template. You can also click the Change template button and scroll through 4 preset sets of templates.”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Ernie – Magnetron Complete

Ernie - Magnetron Complete


  • Magnetron Radionic Templates are the basis of this work. There are 7 locations where you can place radionic templates. Magnetron.
  • The default templates are in the 2 boxes to the left.
  • The Center template contains 4 individual templates.
  • The Target template can be found to the right of this interface.
  • You can click on the template you want and load it. This will bring up a file selection  window where you can select a new template. You can also click on the Change template button to scroll through 4 preset templates.
  • Templates can be magnetrons, flattened Pyramids or many other shapes.
  • Remember that influence travels from left-to-right in this program. The image on the top of the rightmost template should represent the target.
  • There are buttons on your left that allow you add images and animated Sigils.
  •  This is basically placing an image between an animated sigil and a template.
  • On the left side of your interface, you will find an animation toggle, a button to change the template, a Qi Gens button and an “About” button.
  • You can overlaid images of your choice, or the default images, in the area where your intent and target are written.
  •  Scroll through 10 preset photos by clicking on the scroll button beneath the text area. Or click on the button to bring up a window where you can choose images from the “Symbols” folders or your own.
  • The right side contains a “Sound” area with “sound”, “play”, “Sndoff”, and a loop option.
  • You can choose the color you want for the template in the Color Bath area.
  • An Auto mode will cycle through all available colors.
  • Advanced options for speed
  • The program uses its internal logic to determine how long a session should take. You can set the speed and repetition of a program.
  • The Phi QR button allows you to select between 360 and 2 cycles in preset intervals. This control can be used to speed up or slow down the program. When you change a setting, the settings will not be linear. They will vary according to how fast or slow the program is running.
  • If you set the Phi QR to 3 Cycles, then turn on Turbo and click on Auto, the program will cycle through the colors and complete in a few seconds. It would only run for a fraction to one second in manual mode.
  • You can adjust the amount of Computer power you want to use by using the CPU control slider Magnetron.
  • You can adjust the power slider to control how powerful your output is Magnetron is. The default setting of 9 is suitable for most applications, but you can adjust it to suit your needs.
  • The Tree of Life option makes the program a Ruth Drown-based radionic templates. The images you select are moved through it and spent time in each place infusing that energy into the intent and target.
  • The extended pane shows 3 input text areas. These are pre-You can change them if necessary to make your work more intense or specific.
  • When you load the program for the first time, the Clear button will bring you back to the beginning screen. Before you use the clear feature, make sure to click stop. If you do not click “Stop”, the program continues to run and will not clear completely.
  • The “Stop” button does not stop the program. If you click “Run”, the program will start over from where it left off.
  • You can adjust the Phi QR effect by using the QR + and QR- buttons. You can either leave it as is or use it in order to increase the stability of the lower Phi QR Cycle settings.

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