Eliott Hulse – Muscle Virus Solution

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When your body becomes unbalanced, it results in neurotic holding patterns where you become anxious and start shortening your breath…”This course is available for immediate delivery!”

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Eliott Hulse – Muscle Virus Solution

Eliott Hulse - Muscle Virus Solution

<We’ve yet to find EVEN one athlete who didn’t suffer from at least one muscle virus>

Which just goes to show you how rampant muscular imbalances are…
EVEN among the fittest members in society
Either way…
After the assessment…
Each athlete is instructed to follow our patented 4 layer approach to ridding themselves of their underlying muscle viruses…

This 4-layered approach includes the following:


When a muscle gets short and tight (tonic), it disrupts the muscles ability to contract properly.

This results in a muscle that is unable express its true strength and power.

To alleviate this you MUST follow a series of stretches that allow the muscles to relax back into their optimal position…

So your muscles can be strong the way they were intended.

The second phase is to strengthen chronically weak muscle.

Muscle viruses work in a zig-zag manner…

This is where there is a tight muscle for tonic…

A long loose group will oppose it…

This imbalance between tone and strength is the root cause of the problem.

It is important to focus on strengthening weak muscles in order to bring everything back into balance.


The third and most overlooked aspect of getting rid of muscle viruses in the body is…
Focus on how you breathe.
When your body becomes unbalanced, it results in neurotic holding patterns where you become anxious and start shortening your breath…
If this tension is not controlled, it can make you rigid and tense.
Which, long term turns into anxiety…
Stiff, rigid organs
This, I can assure you, is NOT what you want
It is important to slow down and learn to breathe in order to alleviate this.
This simple act, if done right, will add years to your life and eliminate any negative feelings you have about yourself.
The 4th and Final Phase of our solution deals in getting rid of inflammation
In the rare incident your muscle virus isn’t due to emotional trauma
Or poorly structured training
It’s brought on by something far worse…
Inflammation is the body’s attempt at self-protection.
It’s occurs when your body needs to rid itself of harmful stimulus, irritants, or pathogens.
The presence of inflammation is a dead-Signify that something is VERY wrong
Sometimes poor nutritional choices triggers your stomach to go into an inflammatory state, when this happens it weakens the muscles lining the walls of the stomach
This in turn decreases the strength and endurance of the muscular system.
You must reduce inflammation to eliminate the muscle viruses lying dormant within your body.

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