Dr. Daniel Foor – Ancestral Lineage Healing Practices for Personal and Cultural Transformation

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Build a deep familiarity with 12 essential ritual skills to increase competency and confidence when listening to your intuition and connecting with ancestors.

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 Ancestral Lineage Healing Practices for Personal and Cultural Transformation

Dr. Daniel Foor – Ancestral Lineage Healing Practices for Personal and Cultural Transformation


Ancestral Lineage Healing

Practices for Personal and Cultural Transformation


Dr. Daniel Foor

February 4 – April 27, 2023

We’re never truly alone, in our joy or in our struggles. The practice of learning how to connect with our ancestors – to really speak to them and understand their wisdom – reveals this to us. Join us and Remember how to listen and Trust.

These 12 weeks are dedicated to the art of inclusion and Well-crafted ritual, you’ll explore the benefits of living in direct relationship with the many generations who came before you. These are the teachings and Pragmas are acceptable for Anyone who is interested in personal and Family healing. All levels of experience are welcomed.

Acceptance of ancestral wisdom and Support for Guidance and healing and inspiration.

You will learn:

  • Learn more Five-Step framework for Safely engage with your bloodline ancestors and for Partnering with elder ancestors to help heal individual family lineages
  • Develop a deep understanding of 12 essential ritual skills To increase competence and Confidence when listening to your intuition and Connecting with our ancestors.
  • Set clear boundaries for Consistent ritual and Psychological safetyIncludes for Troubled family history or unknown challenges
  • This framework can be used to your advantage An intentional online community, where you’ll be encouraged to go at your own pace and Get support from course experts.

Have patience for Pragmas that are rooted and To Long-term support-Relationship with your ancestors for the long-term.

What’s Included

  • Weekly live teaching call with DanielEach 60-90 minutes. These calls are also recorded.
  • Small-Group breakout sessions During the teaching calls, experienced practitioners facilitate. You can also choose to breakout into the affinity space. for BIPOC+, Black, LGBTQ+ and Jewish participants.
  • Six additional support callsEach one is guided by an experienced ritualist, and specifically designed for Integration of course material and practicing ritual skills.
  • Course workbook These 12 weeks will help you chart your journey and beyond.
  • Comprehensive course resources Multicultural perspectives from all over the globe.
  • Access to our private Community ForumYou can interact with them at. Ancestral Medicine staff, course supporters, and Learn with other learners.

Access for life Learn more about our course materials.

Ritual Skills You’ll Learn

Ancestral Lineage Healing This book expands upon the teachings in Daniel’s book Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. Lessons emphasize psychological, cultural, and Safety with energy and Describe the steps for lineage healing. The material also includes information on how to build ritual skills in areas that will form the backbone for your ancestor practice. and Other applications of ritual practice in everyday living will be supported

☆Week 1 Intuitive and Historical Honesty

☆Week 2 Boundaries and Ritual Safety

☆Week 3 Trusting intuition and Direct Knowledge

☆Week 4 Ritual Skills for Feeding Relationships

☆Week 5 Aligning with the What is Healing

☆Week 6 Deepening our trust in the Sacred

☆Week 7 Accepting Strong Emotions

☆Week 8 Inviting Big Shifts and Healing

☆Week 9 Caring for The Body and Physical

☆Week 10 Becoming the Face Your Ancestors

☆Week 11 Embracing Complexity and Nuance

☆Week 12 Grounding Changes in Daily Life

About Daniel Foor

Daniel Foor, PhD

Dr. Foor Is a licensed psychotherapist and doctor of psychology. and The author of Ancestral Medicine: Rituals for Personal and Family Healing. He is an initiate in the Òrìṣà tradition of Yoruba-West Africa and benefited from the teachings of Mahayana Buddhism and Islamic Sufism. and His English in the older style and German ancestors Daniel I am passionate about training aspiring leaders and The intersections of cultural healing and animist ethic are where change can be made and applied ritual arts. He lives now with his wife. and Two daughters in Spain near Granada, near the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Lynne, South Africa
“Highly recommended, well structured, and weaved together with grace. My journey has brought about deeper healing, insight, and connection between me and my people and the lands from which they came.”
Carrie, California
“Most of all, I am in love with the outcomes. So much good stuff has been opened up in terms of understanding, support, connections and new directions to explore. For me, this course gathered my skills and provided a focus from the past into the future that I could not have imagined.”
Argnesh in Australia
“My mother’s mother’s line is healed and for the first time it feels like someone has my back. I can see how my body holds their collective experiences, in my bones and DNA. The humiliation of antisemitism, the starving of war times. Also the wisdom, the heart. Through me I can heal them. I can realign for my children and their children.”

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