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Types of images and photos that make your content more appealing (and where to find them)

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 Genius Blogging

Benjamin Hardy – Genius Blogging

What you’ll learn from GENIUS Blogging:
✦ How Ben adds 20,000 emails every month to his email list for free

✦ A 3-Step system to get thousands of people on your mailing list every month

✦ Your message is the key to reaching millions every month.

✦ How to structure and organise your ideas so they are useful and go viral

✦ How to get your work published at 3 of the most popular websites in the world

✦ These are the exact steps to create a high-quality, perfect product.-Converting landing pages

✦ The article most likely to go viral is the one that you are writing.

✦ How to create headlines so good people won’t be able to stop reading your content

✦ This is a one-time change to your content that will increase your opt-in by 2x, 5x, or even 10x.-Rate

✦ Find your WHY to make your vision and dreams come true

✦ Types of photos and photos that make your content more attractive (and where to locate them)

✦ How to tap into websites with over 100 MILLION users

✦ Strategies to create content that people love sharing with others

✦ Ben will guide you through the case studies of viral articles that you can apply and model.

✦ 317 emotion-You will be a better writer if you use powerful words and phrases packed with power words.

✦ How to quickly come up with 20 unique article ideas in under 10 minutes

✦ Ben’s 3-Fill out the part-article structuring tool-In-The-Tool for creating compelling headlines with blank text and a give-away tool

✦ What one of the most influential copywriters in the country does to influence millions

✦ How to Increase Your Profitability “read ratio” Get more readers!

✦ Ben’s private templates for creating a high converting call to action

✦ SEO, syndication and page views: What you need to know.

✦ How to convert readers into subscribers, and build a large email list

✦ The best way to write (and the best time) so that you create your best work

✦ Simple method to quickly write all the content you need

✦ How to take existing content and make it more viral.

✦ How to create a giveaway that adds thousands to your email list each month

✦ Ben reveals how he created the best, most rewarding job he has ever done-Converting landing pages

✦ This tool will help you become a fast, efficient writer and get rid of writers block

✦ The secrets of the most successful writers in the world: Being proficient, not perfect

✦ E_______ + _________ = Writing that has millions of views and readers

✦ One thing almost guarantees that your content will be very well-received online

✦ Ben’s “Call To Action Formula” Get as many people as possible on your landing page

✦ 4 questions to help you create a compelling giveaway that attracts your ideal audience

✦ These are the top three most common errors people make when trying for online success

✦ When less is more: How to make a lot of money doing a lot less work

✦ How to find the right audience for your product and give it to them exactly what they want

✦ The right way frame your give away, call-to-action and landing page

✦ Ben creates landing pages that convert up to 61%

✦ One of the most effective ways to discover and solve the problems of your audience is through storytelling

✦ How to use pixels for visibility online and to get customers for pennies

✦ The psychology behind the most important pages online, which have an influence on millions of people

✧ Benjamin Hardy Jon Benson (one of the most respected copywriters in the country), spends 2 hours discussing viral headline psychology
✧ Benjamin Hardy Available in-In-depth training on how to make your own 6-Figure book proposal
✧ Benjamin Hardy Included the book proposal for Willpower Doesn’t Work. He was awarded a $220,000 book deal
✧ Additional trainings available

“Uncommonly thoughtful: That’s what I think about when I read Benjamin Hardy’s work.” ―Jimmy Soni
“In an age where few people think deeply about their lives, Benjamin Hardy “It is the exception.” ―Jeff Goins

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