Aromatic Medicine School – The Traditional Incense Crafting Course

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You’re an aromatherapist or essential oil lover who’s only using essential oils, and are ready to add a new layer of holistic depth to your work.

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Aromatic Medicine School - The Traditional Incense Crafting Course

Aromatic Medicine School – The Traditional Incense Crafting Course

The Traditional Art of Incense Crafting

Your Healing, Spiritual, and/or Spiritual Potential Aromatic Make it a habit to practice by making your own Incense

Did you know that incense crafting was the original way aromatic plants were used?

• Incense Aromatherapy is a traditional form of aromatherapy…

• is the most ancient universal tool for sacred rituals…

• And has been used to delight the sense of smell across every culture for ages.

Incense can have positive effects on the body and mind, as well as balancing emotions and pleasing the senses.

It’s universally applicable to positive change…

You can also learn ancient incense-crafting techniques to bring joy, healing, and happiness to others.
Wouldn’t it be great to be able help your family and friends by creating personalized incense blends to aid their spiritual, aesthetic, and medicinal purposes?
Stop Trying to Guess How to Craft Your Own Product Incense

Incense Crafting can be a challenging practice…

Many people make incense that doesn’t burn properly or smell quite how they want it to,

They become discouraged.

They waste time, ingredients, money, and effort by composting failed incense batches…

They don’t know how to mix bases, binders and liquids.

They don’t know their age-Old secrets of working with complex ingredients and calculated combinations

You’ll be able to create successful incense by learning the traditional techniques that are at the heart artisan incensemaking.


~ The Northwest School This is Aromatic Medicine Presents

This one-This is-You can find more information at-This program will teach you the fundamental principles and practices of crafting incense, so you can confidently create beautiful, scrumptious and effective creations.

Learning one of the oldest herbal methods will open up a new method for holistic healing that can greatly benefit those you love and serve.

This program combines the wisdom of many incense traditions around the world into a single, practical and comprehensive system. You will learn how to harness the true power and potential of incense.


✨about Evan Sylliaasen✨

Hi, I’m Evan Sylliaasen. Incense was my gateway into a sense of sacredness when I was a teenager. As I journeyed deeper into the world of incense I discovered that it’s used for more than just ritual, relaxation, and enjoyment—it’s also used as a powerful healing modality all around the world in many systems of medicine.

Through my work for Higher Mind Incense The Northwest School This is Aromatic Medicine, I’ve seen beginning incense makers encounter the same problems over and over. There are certain elements to the practice that you must master before you can move to more advanced incensemaking.

And that’s why I created the Traditional Incense Crafting Course. Every time I open enrollment, people tells me how fast they can make their own incense. And advanced students say they wish they’d had this course when they were first starting out.

Here’s what you’ll learn
•The Story of Incense•

An exploration of the cultural uses ritual and medicinal smoke can provide insight into the ancient uses of incense, which will help you to strengthen your aromatic foundations and understanding.
•Plant Material Classification•

Learn about the properties and roles of different types of botanical ingredients used for incense crafting. Learn how to use oil, binders and bases as well as gums and resins.-dense botanicals.
•Core Incense Formulation Techniques•

Learn how to create incense that is specific to your needs. This includes techniques for aroma, ritual blending, therapeutic and medicinal formulations, and aesthetics.
•Craft Your Own Incense Sticks & Cones•

Take the first step-By-Step-by-step instructions for making the most popular forms of incense. Make cones and incense sticks that are solid and fully-burning. They will smell great and burn well on their own.
•Make Amazing Loose Incense Blends•

Learn how to make loose incense, which is the original form of incense. Learn how to incorporate tree resins such as Copal and Frankincense, and create powerful and pleasing aromatic creations.
•Incorporate Essential Oils into Incense•

Learn how essential oils can be used to enhance incense blends. Incense makers with advanced skills should not add essential oils to their blends. It can be complicated. However, you will get expert guidance to make it easy.



*️⃣ Fight off infections, colds, and flus during the cold season while strengthening your immunity
*️⃣ Cleanse the atmosphere and kill various airborne pathogens and viruses
*️⃣ Add depth to your spiritual practice, prayer, meditation, or ceremony.
*️⃣ Aid healing with specially crafted aromatherapeutic blends
*️⃣ Strengthen cognitive functioning and memory
*️⃣ Sooth the nervous system and relieve anxiety and stress
*️⃣ Formulate amazing smelling incense for aesthetics and sensory pleasure
*️⃣ Impress your guests with beautiful aromas that make them feel welcome in your home
*️⃣ Share your incense creations with others through your business or as gifts to friends and family
*️⃣ And much, much more…


This Program is for You If:

✔️ You are an aromatherapist or essential oil enthusiast who only uses essential oils. Now you want to add a whole new dimension to your work.
✔️ You’d love to bring depth to your spiritual practices or sacred rituals with incense blends made by you.
✔️ You are tired of the overpowering and unnatural incenses available on the market and want your own natural incense.


✔️ This program will help you build the foundations you need to be an Artisan if you are completely new to incense and aromatics. Incense Crafter.

✔️ If you are an aromatherapist, healer, or a practicing aromatherapist, great!

✔️ You are about to learn an aromatic modality that can increase your holistic healing abilities.

Here’s what you get:

6 core modules of in-Training in depth incense crafting

12 visually stimulating training videos with close to-Live action in high gear

12 MP3s, transcripts, and handouts with the lessons for easy listening while on the go

– A library of incense cone, stick, and loose blend recipes

– PDF worksheets, and one-This is-You can find more information at-Use our aroma classification charts and type incense to help you find the right ingredient.

My personal sourcing guide and expert guide to sourcing pure, natural, ethical, sustainable plant products

Hundreds of expert tips from my decade of experience as the founder America’s most well-known incense company (these tips are unique!)

+ Train at your own pace.-You can do it at your own pace
PLUS, lifetime access to program and future upgrades


Nowhere else can you find so much information and so many hands-Instructions about incense crafting.

This is actually the only in.-Incense training in depth via online video.

All the wisdom that I have accumulated along my journey is available for you in this priceless program.

This is a total of 10+ years.

• studying incense traditions

• finding the best methods and what doesn’t work

• formulating products for one of the top incense companies

• working alongside other world-Crafters of class incense

This course is the culmination of my passion and dedication. I am certain you won’t find another like it.

It’s Time to Take the Next Step

Perhaps you want to start making incense, but aren’t sure where to start. Like many, you can search online or in books and try to put bits and pieces together over the years but never feel like you’ve got the whole picture.

Perhaps you’ve already started making incense but have felt the frustrations that so many others face. You’ve spent time and money trying to figure out the right ingredients and formulations to get the incense you want, but know that there’s pieces missing.

Or maybe you’re more advanced but want to learn new incense making practices. You have a sense that expanding your incense skills could add so much to your practice but don’t know the depth of its resources or where to start.

I encourage you to join the next stage of your journey. The Traditional Incense Crafting Course. I’ve heard from so many students who have benefited greatly from what they’ve learned and started implementing to their practice. It can do the exact same for you, I’m sure.

Click here to get started
You can take your practice with aromatics up a notch by enrolling in The Traditional Incense Crafting Course!

Here’s what students have to say

“Evan’s easy going nature, enthusiasm, and vast knowledge of incense leaves you Each week, eagerly awaiting the next lesson. This course is well-structured and easy to follow. It also includes lots of videos and notes that can be downloaded. If you are looking for an incense-making course, then this is the one for you. This is the only incense brand available.!”
Katherine MossAustralia: Horticulturist
“I am particularly interested about the medicinal uses of incense, and Evan’s glimpses have been very helpful. Filling in the spaces in my herbalism research. I look forward to creating with an intentional purpose!
Daphne Seruntine, Nova Scotia, Canada

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