Anthony Lombadi – Acupuncture for Motor Points, Musculoskeletal and more

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 Acupuncture for Motor Points, Musculoskeletal and more

Anthony Lombadi – Acupuncture for Motor Points, Musculoskeletal and more

The ultimate bundle to get you started with EXSTORE, electro-acupuncture, and motor point acupuncture today!


What’s included in this bundle

Motor Points, EXSTORE, EA:

  • Motor Point hard copy booklet PLUS ebook
  • EXSTORE manual ebook
  • EXSTORE exam sheets
  • EXSTORE assessment and Videos of treatment
  • Dr. Lombardi’s Acupuncture 7 Clinical Treatments Musculoskeletal Cases
    • Low Back, Shoulder & Neck, Shoulder, Neck, Ankle & Knee, IBS, Elbow
  • Soft Tissue Manual, ebook and hard copy booklet (PRE-SALE – see details below)
  • Soft tissue videos for Shoulder, neck, elbow/wrist and low back, including multifidi
  • Total video time for All videos in this bundle are 211 minutes


Purchase includes lifetime access

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Motor Point Ebook

  • It is not printable.
  • ***Please allow 24 hours for You will receive the ebook in your account. The ebook will appear below ‘downloads’ In your Account
  • The e-You can only download the book 3 times and It is password protected (password can be found in the order confirmation screen). and/or under ‘downloads’ In your account Please save the ebook on you device.
  • E-Watermarking is a feature of the book and Copyright protected It is forbidden to share or distribute.

Hard copy Motor Point booklet

  • This is the ultimate quick reference manual for clinical practice. Booklet is 7″ x 9″, clear cover and 52 glossy pages containing 92 motor point information.
  • The hard copy book will arrive in 24 hours.-48 hours after purchase. Within 3 hours of placing your order, you will receive an email with the tracking number. If you don’t receive the email, please check your SPAM folder.

►EXSTORE Manual Digital Copy◄

  • 70 pages with illustrations covering the core EXSTORE® exam
  • Explanations for motor muscle inhibition and neurogenic inflammation, nociception. and more
  • Movements of scan assessment
  • How EXSTORE guides your treatment
  • Charting and Interpreting your results
  • Contraindications
  • Case examples
  • You can find it in ‘downloads’ In your Account

Videos include lifetime access

►EXSTORE Videos◄

This video is a continuation of the manual. and Provides step-by step instructions for the EXSTORE® scan/physical assessment.

  • In just 2 minutes, you can learn how to accurately assess musculoskeletal trauma
  • How to find motor muscle inhibitions that affect body mechanics
  • Simple step-By-Step-by-step instructions allow you to follow the EXSTORE manual.
  • Ideal for Doctors, Physiotherapists and Nurses.
  • Treatment examples
  • Video duration: 65 minutes
  • There are no CEUs or PDAs

EXSTORE exam sheet Added to your ‘downloads’ Check your account

Soft Tissue Hard Copy Booklet & ebook, and Videos:

Please note – this bundle includes the soft tissue book PRE-SALE:

  • Soft tissue techniques covered:
    • * neck: supraspinatus/levator scapula
      * •neck: seated zygopophaseal joint capsule release
      * •shoulder: posterior capsule of shoulder
      * •shoulder: sub-Coracoid high traffic release
      * •wrist/elbow: flexor forearm release
      * •low back/hip: psoas/QL release
      * •low back/hip: side-laying ischial tuberosity
      * •low back/hip: supine adductor magnus release
      * •low back/buttocks: prone gluteus maximus release
      * Multifidi release: A modification on a technique Anthony It was learned a while back. and Based on his clinical experience, he modified it. This technique is useful for treating low back pain. and stenosis and What is the difference between disc pain and non-disc pain?-disc when the SLR is less than 20 degrees. Release the multifidus muscles more Because it is attached with the ligament, space is created within your spinal column
  • Soft tissue technique videos available immediately upon purchase.
    • Total of 7 videos and 47 minutes of content
    • Videos cover the shoulder and neck. and Low back
  • Soft tissue ebook available and added to everyone’s accounts in approximately 2 weeks
  • Soft tissue hard copy book shipped out October 15th (shipping costs apply).


✨About Dr. Lombardi✨

Dr. Anthony Lombardi is a 2002 New York Chiropractic College graduate. and Acupuncture has been a part of his life since childhood. for 15 years. He founded Hamilton Back Clinic after he graduated. and Since then, he has been a private consultant for athletes in the NFL and CFL. and NHL. Over the past 15 Years Anthony He has provided well over 100,000 acupuncture treatment. Dr. Lombardi, in addition to being a practitioner, was also an instructor in the Contemporary Medical Acupuncture McMaster University, Programs from 2004 to 2013 and He created the EXSTORE program, which he teaches to physicians. and Practitioners all over the globe. He writes regularly and Contributes articles to the Canadian Chiropractic Magazine on Motor Points and Chiropractic Economics magazines.


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