Alyssa Malehorn – Zack Fuentes – Rawspirituality – Manifesting Spiritual Partnership

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are not in a relationship – and are wanting to manifest a spiritual partner in their lives, instead of repeating the same relationships over and over (different person, same issues).

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 Rawspirituality - Manifesting Spiritual Partnershi

Alyssa Malehorn – Zack Fuentes – Rawspirituality – Manifesting Spiritual Partnership

Manifesting Spiritual Partnershipp

Heal your relationship with yourself & others, upgrade your connections & communication, open to true intimate love.



We help people to heal their relationships with themselves and others, improve their communication and connection, so that they never feel depleted, disempowered, disconnected, or diminished.

Currently partnered, or not – We support you through our interactive online training. Never be in a relationship that is not fulfilling.


Note from Alyssa: Everyday I hear from people who get tired of fighting with their spouses about the same issues and have no solution. An email from someone who is overwhelmed waiting. “the one”. A Facebook message sent by someone who is feeling uncertain about the future of their relationship. A note on Instagram asking for help to rekindle the intimacy that they once shared with their partner.

In my over 25 years of experience working with people I’ve found that it’s not hard to create the feeling of being loved, heard, seen, valued and kindle the intimate spark, it just takes a shift in perceptiOn and some deep willingness to heal. And I also realized that when I’m working one-on-one or with couples – there just aren’t enough hours in the days/weeks/months to help everyone that wants this type of permanent transformation.

There is good news! Zack I believe that our lovingly-created course is the very best way to help more people elevate in this part of life (which ultimately affects EVERY part of life) – and we will be walking you through this process together.


What you’ll get from Manifesting Spiritual Partnershipp

MSP students can expect transformation and deep healing in their relationships with themselves and others, regardless of whether or not they have a partner.


This course is for people who:

☑️ They are not in a committed relationship and are looking to find a spiritual partner instead of repeating the same mistakes over and over again (different person with different issues).

☑️ Are in a relationship and want to upgrade themselves and their relationship to a Spiritual Partnershipp with all of its beautiful intimacy.

☑️ Are ready to be their spiritual partner, speaking their highest truths and living them fully (leaving behind self-doubt, loneliness, and self-doubt).-Betrayal or victimhood left behind

You can also expect exclusive content such as…

☑️ (37) Video Lessons To guide you through the Course.

☑️ (21) Written Lessons Self-help-exploration.

☑️ (42) Audio Lessons/Guided Meditations/Hypnosis to support your transformation.

☑️ Take a deep dive into our Archive of coaching calls With Zack Alyssa.


We’re here for you In our private course area, you can find it here in the Raw Spirituality Network.

But it’s not for everyone.

Here’s who we feel we can help (either currently partnered or not):

  • Those who are 100% dedication To their own growth.
  • Those who are Open-Willing to learn and be open-minded To take responsibility for their feelings and actions.
  • Those who are super enthusiastic About the potential for a new way to be in relationship with others and themselves.
  • Those who are Done with the blaming Others who are available and willing to do the work.

So, if you’re tired of arguing, feeling insecure and not heard, walking on eggshells, feeling resentment or waiting for someone to love you the way you want to be loved – and you’re ready to NEVER be in an unfulfilling relationship again, then this course is for you.


►What We Expect From You◄

As with all Courses, you will get more from it if your participation in the community and engagement with the material is constant. These are some of the ways you can get the most from this Course experience.

  • Participate in the community One of the best things about Manifesting Spiritual Partnershipp means that it is part of a larger community. We want to hear your thoughts, ideas, and what you are learning as you work through this material.
  • Engage with your peers We are all in this together. If we can help each other, we will learn a lot (AND have more FUN).
  • Ask questions. Are you feeling lost or confused? We are here to help. We’re here to help.

We have some great material for your use, and we are so excited for to get you started. Let the adventure begin!

With love

Alyssa Zack

[Note: We’re sure you’re going to love it! That said, all subscription payments are final; we cannot offer refunds or transfers on subscriptions, no exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.]


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★ Deeply heal triggers and improve your relationship with others and yourself.
★ Improve your communication and connections to ensure you never feel disconnected, drained, disempowered or diminished.
★ To have a stable, loving and intimate relationship with your partner, prepare or upgrade it.
★ Exclusive content available only to MSP students
★ (37) Video Lessons to help you navigate the Course.
★ (21) Written Lessons to Self-exploration.
★ (42) Audio Lessons/Guided meditations/Hypnosis to help you transform.
★ Access to the archived coaching calls and access to Alyssa Zack Use the private online learning space.
★ Meet new people who are also healing and transformative.
★ Better, more well-You can make informed decisions based on all of the new information and transformations you’ve made.
★ You can access this $5000 Course at an affordable price by signing up for a monthly or an annual subscription.

“I cannot express how empowered I feel with this course in my toolkit to manifest a spiritual partnershipp. I feel 100% confident that I have everything necessary to succeed in my relationship after I’ve completed the course. It is a comprehensive, holistic approach to healing. MSP provides a complete, comprehensive approach to healing. We have been through traditional couples counseling many times. However, it didn’t provide the same clarity as MSP in terms of all the components that go into creating a happy, healthy, and inspiring relationship. It has made a huge difference in my feelings about our relationship. I understand how we got here and how we can come together in love. – Angela H.

“…I’ve known and appreciated Alyssa and her work for well more than a decade. This was my first experience with her. ZackHe is simply amazing. They are powerful, kind, and loving individuals. But as spiritual partners serving others and themselves, they are just divine! If you are still unsure whether to sign up, don’t hesitate! Expect the unexpected and more! Be ready to work with others who are on the same path. Hold on to your hats, change is coming! – Janna Fain


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