Alison Armstrong – Understanding Sex & Intimacy

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Find out how we’re affected by sexual trauma and unconscious learnings, and be healed and liberated from anything you are willing to release

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 Understanding Sex & Intimacy

Alison Armstrong – Understanding Sex & Intimacy

For Women and Men Who Desire…

Passionate, Loving, Committed and Fun, Fulfilling Relationships

☞ Every woman who desires to feel more desirable, have more freedom, satisfaction, and have more fun with sexual sex

☞ For men who want to understand women’s real needs and maximize their sex life


You will:

♦︎ Learn what women should know to have sex and enjoy it.

♦︎ Learn what sex is for men spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and mentally

♦︎ Find out what it takes for passion to remain alive over a long period of time-Intimate relationship

♦︎ Learn how women misinterpret the sexual behavior and attitudes of men.

♦︎ Learn how to make sex a pleasure and not a chore.

♦︎ Learn about how sexual trauma affects us and your unconscious learnings. Then, be healed and free from any pain you are willing to let go.

♦︎ Learn how to prevent infidelity and how to heal from it.

♦︎ Find out the true meaning of pornography, for both sexes

♦︎ Learn how to be kind to yourself and live the sexy life you desire

♦︎ There’s so much more!


“This course not only brought the fun back into the bedroom, but it also cleared out any ghosts underneath the bed. I’m grateful for the clean slate and hope to have a romantic encounter in the future. — Pilisa Connor, Artist


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