Ainhoa de Federico – Better Vision Through Reading

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Learn simple, powerful and scientifically proven tools to naturally improve your vision for reading…

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Better Vision Through Reading

Ainhoa de Federico – Better Vision Through Reading

A new online course in 5 modules



Discover simple, fun & powerful exercises to improve your vision naturally and read better and faster!

  • increase focus & productivity
  • improve vision & reading ability
  • reduce eyestrain

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico
Visual Educator and Creator
ClearSight Method for Natural Vision Improvement

Are you finding it harder and harder to read?

Do you struggle to read small print? on the product labels in the grocery store, the items on the menu at the restaurant, or the street signs when you’re driving?

Do you strain to read messages or emails on your tablet, iPhone, or computer?

Are your eyes tired? When you read, it is important to make it interesting It can be difficult to focus or concentrate?

Or even worse, Do you find reading to be a headache??

Do your eyes feel Tired, irritated or stressed. ?

Does it feel like Your vision is getting worse?

It is becoming harder and harder to see clearly. and you need stronger and stronger reading glasses?

Are you looking to reverse or stop these symptoms? prevent your vision from getting worse as you get older?

Do you want to learn? Take good care to your eyes To take care of your vision capital for the rest of your life?

Would you like to know how to? Keep your eyes in good shape and increase your field of vision and improve your focus to be able to Read more to learn how you can do better?

I have good news:
You’re in the right place!

In the transformational new course Better Vision Through Reading, you’ll discover New tools And Simple, effective and efficient powerful practices You can improve your vision and reading ability regardless of your age, current vision condition, or whether you have had surgery.

You can easily improve your reading vision with simple, powerful and scientifically-proven tools

My Story

Ainhoa de Federico

Vision Educator

 Research Professor, University of Toulouse

Creator of the ClearSight Method

I am Dr. Ainhoa de Federico, Research Professor at the University of Toulouse, where I teach and study Natural Vision Improvement and direct the Masters Program in Health Education. I am the creator of Volver a ver Claro, the first online natural vision improvement course in Spanish, and its English-language version, the ClearSight Method. For the past 20 years, I have been teaching people from around the world to improve their vision naturally through courses, workshops, conferences and free programs, reaching more than two million people in more than 200 countries.

But it wasn’t always like that. 

I was born with strabismus, amblyopia and myopia, meaning I was cross-eyed, could not see out of one eye and was very nearsighted in the other. Fortunately my parents found an ophthalmologist who knew about natural vision improvement and thanks to her I developed perfect vision by my first birthday.

In my early 20s, I developed myopia (nearsightedness again), astigmatism and double vision, and thanks to a knowledgeable doctor my symptoms disappeared in less than a week. In my 30s, I was again diagnosed with astigmatism and presbyopia (need for reading glasses), and this time, despite being told that I should wear glasses forever I made both symptoms fade away in less than two months.

So even though I have developed as many as six symptoms three times in my life, I have always found natural solutions and have never worn glasses.

From my 30’s on, I decided to focus on investigating different natural vision improvement methods and their scientific foundations from different research disciplines to help more people, just as I did with myself.

Even as I get older, I see much better today than I did 15 years ago and – more importantly – I have been able to help thousands of people all over the world.

I first started supporting my friends and was soon helping clients, giving lectures and in-person workshops in 6 countries. Later, I was invited by the University of Toulouse to teach Natural Vision at the university level, and to develop this line of research into the Master of Health Education.

In 2016 I created Volver a ver Claro, the first online natural vision course in Spanish, and in 2020 I launched the ClearSight Method in English and opened the first Online School of Vision Educators trained and certified in my methods. I have expanded my reach to even more people around the world to open their eyes and bring this new vision to the world.

And now, I want to put all my knowledge, experience and wisdom at your service to help you too!

Discover the Benefits of
Better Vision through Reading
1. Improved Focus
You’ll improve your focus, sharpness and visual acuity, the precision with which you see. You’ll be able to read faster, longer and easier, with greater concentration, improved comprehension and less fatigue.
 2. Increased Peripheral Vision
You’ll be able to see more as you widen your field of vision. By increasing your visual field you will be able to read faster and literally “devour books.” Plus, improved peripheral vision will benefit you in other areas of your life – not just reading!
3. Read with Greater Comfort, Ease & Confidence
You’ll read more easily, with more comfort, ease and confidence. You’ll not only read faster, but also comprehend more and retain more. And that means you’ll learn better and faster and enjoy much more of what you read.
4. Increased Productivity
By improving your ability to concentrate, you’ll improve your focus, be more efficient and increase your productivity, both personally and professionally.
5. Reduce Visual Fatigue 
Say goodby to all those feelings of tiredness, redness, pressure, headaches, dry eyes, irritated eyes or feeling like there is grit or debris in your eyes. You’ll be able to read again for longer periods of time without getting tired or experiencing eyestrain.
6. Prevent the Common Eye Symptons
You will prevent or delay the appearance of symptoms such as myopia, presbyopia or cataracts, which are all linked to bad vision habits, including intensive reading and overuse of close-up screens. You’ll be able to keep reading with ease now and and in the future, with the peace of mind knowing that you are taking care of your eyes.
7. Good Vision Habits for Life
You’ll learn how to take care of your eyes for the long term, to keep them in good shape and so that your vision will be the best that it can be for as long as possible. You’ll not only be able to read more and for longer, but you’ll be able to enjoy more of the beauty of life!


Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Exercises to instantly improve focus so you can read better and faster.
  • Practices to expand your field of vision.
  • Reading techniques to improve your focus and visual acuity.
  • Exercises to balance your eyes.
  • How to choose the best device and take care of your eyes.
  • The importance of proper lighting to seeing and reading more clearly.
  • How to assess the progress of your reading vision.
  • Special techniques to relax your eyes and improve focus.
  • How to rest and regenerate your eyes.
  • Good habits to take care of your eyes while you read.
  • Exercises and stretches to get your eyes in shape.
  • Ways to keep improving your vision beyond this course.
  • . . . and much much more!

Here’s What You Get:


  • 4-5 lessons per module
  • More than 3 1/2 hours of teaching
  • pre-recorded videos, audio recordings and transcripts for all lessons
  • exercise guide
  • guided relaxation exercises

. . . And much much more!

All taught personally by Dr. Ainhoa de Federico

The lessons are short, focused and to the point so that you can learn as many useful techniques as possible to improve your vision to read more and better in the shortest amount of time.

The course is pre-recorded and includes easy-to-follow demonstrations of exercises, practices and techniques PLUS downloadable documents and audio guides to reinforce your learning.

You can watch it from anywhere, from any device, whenever or wherever you want, and immediately apply what you have learned to take care of your eyes and improve your vision.

About Your Teacher

Ainhoa de Federico

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico

Vision Educator

University of Toulouse, Research Professor

Creator, The ClearSight Method

Dr. Ainhoa de Federico is Professor-Researcher at the University of Toulouse where she teaches Natural Vision and directs the Masters Program in Health Education for the University.

As a Vision Educator, she has been helping people to see better by natural means for nearly 20 years, without glasses or surgery. She has been invited to teach her Method in person in six countries (United States, France, Spain, Mexico, Argentina and Costa Rica).

In 2016 she created Volver a ver Claro, the first online course of natural vision in Spanish, and in 2021 she introduced the ClearSight Method To the English-speaking market. Together, between courses, talks, conferences, workshops, online videos and individual sessions, she has helped more than two million people in 200 countries to improve their vision naturally.

Her dream is that Natural Vision enters public educational systems and that everyone can learn to see well naturally. Meanwhile, her mission is to help all the people who want to improve their vision by natural means thanks to the tools Of the internet.

2020 marks the centenary for Natural Vision, she launched a series of initiatives, including the 1st Online Forum on Natural Vision The 1st Online School for Complementary and Alternative Techniques Vision Educators, the Visionary Children’s project, and the NaturalVision 2020 Global Vision Summit.

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