Adam Khoo – REIT Investing Course

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REITs allow you to own a portfolio of real estate assets with as little as $100. No risk of taking huge mortgage loans!”This course is available for immediate delivery!”


Adam Khoo – REIT Investing Course

Adam Khoo - REIT Investing Course

How would you feel if you could be the landlord of hundreds (hotels, apartments and shopping malls) in the United States, UK, Singapore, China, and other countries, and receive rental income every 3 months for the rest of the life?

Here’s the good news: You do not need to be a multi-This is possible for a millionaire. Using the power of REITs, you can start building your property portfolio today… with as little as $100!

Here’s Why Profit-Driven Investors Trust REITs to Grow their Money

Portfolio Diversification
Real estate investments are generally less correlated to stocks and can provide stability for your overall portfolio.
Start capital low
REITs are a way to have a portfolio of real property assets for as low as $100. There is no risk of taking out large mortgage loans.

Guaranteed Dividends
REITs are not subject to corporate tax and must return 90% of their rental income to shareholders.
Tax-Free in Some Countries
Some places, such as Singapore, are exempt from tax dividends and capital gains made by REITs.-free.


Course Curriculum
Lesson 1: Introduction To REITs

How do REITs work
How REITs can turbocharge your investment portfolio and stabilize it
Benefits of REITs vs. Direct property purchase
How to achieve financial independence with REITs

Lesson 2: Understanding the Difference REIT Categories

Characteristics of REITs in the Healthcare, Industrial, and Commercial Sectors
How do different REITs compare with respect to capital gain, yield, and income stability

Lesson 3: Mastering REIT Terminology as a Pro Landlord

Learn all about key fundamental ratios like Debt Maturity, Lease Expiry, Occupancy Rate, Gearing Ratios, Yield, Price-To-NAV Ratio, and much more

Lesson 4: 7-Step Strategy to Screen the Best Quality REITs

How to use automated screeners for identifying the highest quality REITs
Learn the 7-Step-by-step strategy for evaluating the quality REIT
How to find the best REITs to invest in
Case studies about Singapore-REITs that are listed

Lesson 5: How to Analyze the US-REITs Listed

Important differences when investing in the US-REITs that are listed
Case studies of the USA-REITs that are listed

Lesson 6: Investing In REIT Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs).

There are pros and cons to investing in REIT ETFs
How to select the best REIT ETFs on the market

Lesson 7: How To Build a Winning Organization REIT Portfolio

Building a low-cost company is possible with these keys-High risk-Return REIT portfolio
Allocation of portfolio and sizing of positions
Entry strategies: When can I accumulate shares in REITs?
Exit strategies: “When can I sell my REITs?”

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