A.A. Kadochnikov – Kadochnikov System Lower Acrobatics (Systema)

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If you want to know the real secrets of virtual management of one’s body in extreme situations… then it is possible that you find it the most exciting website you’ve ever seen.

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  Kadochnikov System Lower Acrobatics (Systema)

A.A. Kadochnikov – Kadochnikov System Lower Acrobatics (Systema)

You might be surprised to learn that you can win against any opponent using only 25% of your strength by using the secrets of our system.

“How To Get An Invisible Weapon,
Which You Can’t Find Until It Is Used And Which You Can’t Take Away Until A Man It Belongs To Is Alive, By Learning The Secrets Of Our Self-Hands and Defense-To-Hand Fighting System…”

We believe you’ve heard it all: a weak man can beat a strong man by using the strength and power of the latter against him. But nobody has explained clearly how it happens in real life, as well as prove that the use of 25% of one’s strength is the most optimal algorithm for your actions.

✔️ We are available to scientifically explain and support this concept.

✔️ We will show you how to put it into practice, which is even more important! Any situation. All conditions. With one or multiple rivals.


We greet you, dear reader. It is possible you already know our self-system.-defense and personal safety technique. It is also possible you are just getting to grips with us right now.

It is possible that you are just getting to know us for the first-time.

We are experts in the areas of personal safety technique and applied hands.-To-Hand fighting is a wonderful experience. Several thousand people have studied our system over the years.

Despite all this, there have been times when we weren’t able to fully realize our potential or solve the task properly.

So if we, the experienced experts, have gone through all this, then we can’t even imagine what an ordinary person has to go through before he gets real results (certainly, it will be much more difficult for him to do this than us).

Now, those difficult times are in the past

► In the past it took us from 3 to 6 months to teach beginners the system’s basis. Fortunately, our method is now three-minutes.-A day seminar is sufficient to allow a person start working.

► Of course, this work isn’t perfect, but they perform it consciously and what is more important on their own. Further skills will come with time and efforts on mastering one’s own individual style.

► This technique is effective and very, very informative for our followers. We want to share our technique with you. In fact…



That means to learn the virtual management of one’s body and be able to work in any extreme situation, as effectively and efficiently as possible.


…send to us information that our educational programs and video lessons have helped them to begin to see many things clearly.

They eagerly want to find out how to assimilate all the important things as quickly as possible…

but they don’t know how to do it more efficiently in a For a short time. They need to find the missing link between what is desired and what they already have.

There’s a huge amount of people, who promise too much, they promise that their trainings and techniques, their methods and orientation are better than others. If we give you such promises, you’ll not look seriously at us soon. We don’t want this.

We Just Want To Make You An Offer…

> Let us bring you up to date, as if you’re visiting our practical seminar.

> Let’s talk about the key elements and principles of striking techniques.

> Let us show you how to master strike techniques that we use in personal security. System.

It can be compared with something you have done before or something you heard about.

Consider the effectiveness of this program. How to make it happen for you-Self-confidence and self-confidence-Evaluation can improve because of it. If you can see the difference, consider how we can help.



Never open any of our mails or websites again. The real reason why we’re offering you to become acquainted with this program is our desire to help you Realizing that you are getting a real experience, not promises.

We want to provide you with a foundation, so that you can go outdoors and feel the natural world. SELF-CONFIDENCE, that if somebody is hostile or aggressive to you, you’ll know what to do in that case.

You can find out more about the real secrets of virtual management of one’s body in Extreme situationsthen it is possible that you find it the most exciting website you’ve ever seen.

We are proud to share many secrets of our technique for the first time – the key points, which will help you to avoid some “pitfalls” and let you learn the teaching material without anybody’s help.

This is our first English-language teaching video course. It aims to help you master the personal safety technique as well as the hand.-To-Hand fighting system.



✓ You will have the opportunity to learn the system that the top special intelligence service personnel around the world have used. Your tutor will be the creator of the system. He will share his unique experience with you step-by-step and reveal such secrets that many experts only dream of.

✓ The skills are based on the best modern scientific knowledge and the secrets of using the resources of one’s subconscious mind, to manage your body masterly in any situation.

✓ You’ll find out how to use the trinity of forces- physical, spiritual and intellectual- in order to apply only 25% of your potential during the fight. This will enable you to beat any opponent. Even a weaker, ill or injured person can win against an opponent stronger than them if they learn this secret.

✓ You will learn everything you need to know in the area self-improvement after taking this course.-defense. You will know exactly what to do when someone attacks you without a weapon or with it. The success will depend on your skills only – regular work at their development and forming your own style. You’ll understand in practice the truth of the expression “knowledge is power”.

✓ You will learn the main secret of a human’s ability to survive – ability to withstand the influence of the negative forces, as well as to keep and restore (completely or partially) one’s fighting qualities.

✓ You will learn how to solve many situations under extreme conditions.

✓ You will learn how energy can be saved and how to apply minimal force at the right time and in the right direction.

✓ You will learn the secret of how to win against a stronger and faster rival or several rivals, by minimizing their force impact using the minimum of one’s energy.

✓ You will be able to identify the most efficient and effective ways to physically affect a person.

✓ In practice, you will learn how to use one principle of our system: A rival has an advantage over you; he/she is physically stronger or faster than you are. Or there may be multiple rivals.

✓ You will learn how you can use it in hand-To-Hand fighting the laws and principles of psychobiomechanics, both intuitively and consciously.

✓ You will be able to react in a correct manner in an unpredictable situation. You will be able quickly to analyze difficult situations and make the right decision.

✓ You will discover the secrets of the outer force impact on a human being.

✓ You will learn how to fight under any conditions: during the day time or at night; in summer or in winter; on a slippery ground when it’s raining or on shifting sands; in the forest; in a narrow elevator cab, on an airliner or in a car.

✓ In order to achieve better results in solving various tasks, you will be able to build psychobiomechanical model.-To-hand fighting, as well as how to manage this work with minimal use of one’s energy.

✓ You will learn different ways of impact on a rival, according to the scheme: ”The system of control-putting objects under control”.



You will learn:

⇒ Why we need the basic and working stances; and how to use them correctly;

⇒ The basics of defense against any strikes;

⇒ What the lower acrobatics are and why it is considered to be the basis of masterful management of one’s body

⇒ A roll forward and backward;

⇒ Break-Falls with a slide

⇒ Crawls on one’s stomach or back;

⇒ Crawls with a load (in two or threes);

⇒ Crawls in zigzag;

⇒ Moving sideways;

⇒ Special exercises: “a curved step”, “crocodile”, “wheelbarrow”, “star” There are many other things.

⇒ Special exercises that are used to get over obstacles;

⇒ Special exercises of the lower acrobatics with objects.


You will learn:

⇒ The secret of balancing;

⇒ What the leverages are and how they can help us;

⇒ The basics of escaping a hold by the wrists;

⇒ The basics of escaping a hold by the elbow;

⇒ The basics of escaping a hold by the shoulder;

⇒ The basics of escaping a hold by the neck from the front;

⇒ The basics of escaping a hold by the neck from behind;

⇒ What stability and balance are;

⇒ What laws we use in order To tip over the opponent;

⇒ The basic laws of the biomechanics of stability and how they can help us;

⇒ What the biomechanics of hand-to-These laws should be used to win hand fighting.


You will learn:

⇒ The structure and classification of hand-To-Hand fighting

⇒ Psychological aspects and state of a person in hand-To-Hand fighting

⇒ The secrets of psychological training;

⇒ The basics of working against an enemy that attacks you with a stick (or another similar weapon);

⇒ The basics of work against an enemy that attacks you with a knife;

⇒ The basics of work against an enemy that attacks you with a pistol gun;



►You will learn the art of hand-To-Hand fighting. But that is not all.◄

The real specialist in our system should have many other additional qualities: high morality and spirituality; a person should keep the traditions of their ancestors; a person should have a strong will; he or she should be ready to sacrifice their life to the benefit of one’s faith and motherland.

►Masterful management of one’s body.◄

No other method is like it in the world. It is based upon the work of Russian scientists, members of Academy of scientists.-A. Anohin, N. Bernstein, and long-term research work on the use of the system under extreme circumstances.

►The skill of usage just 25% of one’s strength in any fight,◄

without losing in efficiency and quality of one’s work. We think you are aware that this will allow you to work more efficiently and effectively than your rivals.

►Secret methods…◄

The elite Special Forces fighters are hand-To-Hand fighting training

►The art of minimizing any force impact,◄

regardless of your rivals’ strength and speed;

►The art of controlling a rival in different situations◄

Psychobiomechanical modeling is used.

►The hand-To-hand fighting technique, which can be used under any climatic and situational condition:◄

During the day or at night; in summer or in winter; on the slippery ground when it’s raining or shifting sands; in the forest; in a narrow elevator cab, on an airliner or in a car;

►The tactic skill of acting correctly and efficiently in any conditions.◄

You will be able analyze difficult situations quickly and make the right decision.

►Psychal and spiritual stability◄

that will help you to apply one’s knowledge and skills in a right way;



We’ve prepared TWO SPECIAL bonuses for our subscribers. The original price was $47
And you’ll get them for free!

The master class “The Principal Fighting Mechanisms of Kadochnikov System for Effective Self-Defense” (original price: $47)

Arkadiy Alexeevich leads an exclusive master class Kadochnikov Filmed in Holland

The Kadochnikov System. The Effective Self-Defense and Personal Security System from Scratch (original price: $47)

A basic set of complementary materials. Step-By-step guide for beginners.

The most dedicated support you have ever seen

It includes:

  • Unrestricted access to our customer support managers team for any questions or assistance.
  • Need assistance with placing an order, accessing a course, or any other question? You can always reach us via email at [email protected] for technical support or information. You can always reach us via the following email: [email protected]
  • And, of course, we’ll save you the trouble (in case the program doesn’t suit you), providing with our more than 100% guarantee.


This new technology platform is so easy that even a child could use it.

It is now easier than ever to learn new skills. Today, lecture halls have been replaced by computers, tablets, and smartphones. Here are a few of these benefits:

  • Access to all programs purchased for life
  • Possibility to download any video, audio, or file text to any device at anytime.
  • Possibility to ask any questions you may have during the learning process.
  • All updates are available immediately for each program.
  • Technical and information support

You might think: “Why should I pay for a bunch of videos?” The answer is easy. We’ll teach you how to make your life safer.

You’ll be able to protect yourself from many negative factors of the world we live in. Unfortunately, it’s not as safe and secure as we would like.

But you shouldn’t believe just our word. Steve Maxwell is a respected conditioning expert and joint.-Mobility expert talks about our System:

P.S. Hand-To-hand fighting and the private safety technique shouldn’t become your goal in itself. It’s just a means of achieving such goal as preserving one’s life in extreme conditions, Included the A real fight against a rival.

P.P.S. You should know and be able to do in order to foresee; you should foresee in order to avoid and act – this is the motto of our system. The style of the system is influenced largely by real life.


Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov Russian personal safety technique and effective self-defense was created by the founder of the Russian system.-defense, which has no equivalents anywhere in the world.

“The Kadochnikov System”These two words have long been a symbol of the most powerful school of self-development.-Defense is the heart of which there are a scientific approach, mathematically accurate movements and honored, century-old centuries-Russian warrior training has a long history. The creator of the System (Alexey Alexeevich KadochnikovThis is related to the rebirth in the second half of the XX Century of interest in Russian martial arts as a system for warrior training and upbringing.

He has been a speaker at hundreds of seminars and master classes.-Classes in Russia and in other countries throughout Europe Thousands of people have the skills to be an effective self-manager-defense and personal security technique

He is the author and editor of mass media educational and methodology materials, books, and articles about self.-Professionally, defense problems-Training for extreme situations using applied training

Alexey Alexeevich Kadochnikov has been working to develop the System Personal safety technique and self-defense-defense for more than 50 years (since 1962), which has not only revived the glorious military traditions of Russia but also has created the modern scientific framework and ideological basis that doesn’t have deserving counterparts in the world.

The results of his work – thousands of followers most of whom are military men, law enforcement officers, including the employees of the most elite divisions of power structures and departments. They are mostly officers and generals who train those they have been entrusted with. Kadochnikov System. It saved hundreds of innocent lives and enabled thousands of people to continue working and maintaining their health.


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